ZTE H298N router default password ?

Today I received a router from my ISP : ZTE H298N.
I’ve installed nany routers until today, but now I’ve managed to get a little nasty.
Where do I find the default username and password for this router?
I looked on the box, looked in the manual, looked in the contract … Nothing!

Finally, I connected with my phone and run some searches on Google, finaly I found on the softpedia forum, somewhere, in a topic:
username: user
Password: user

Bad behavior from my internet provider! How long did it take to print this information on the box? Surely less than it tooked to customise in advance a password and a username for Wi-Fi!

3 gânduri despre ”ZTE H298N router default password ?

  1. Edward zice:

    What is the IP address through which I access the router ??? ….. I tried everything I knew .. or … and other derivations with 0 or 1 or 2 at the last digits … I can not find anywhere anymore … it would have someone to tell me .. please! … In The rest I know how to configure it .. or i can do it .. but i can not get in it .. pls help!


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