Opposition to the Romanian Orthodox Church

Romanian Orthodox Church heads are not good. Let’s explain:

Those flocking Romanian churches are those who have an IQ well below average. It is true that there are people all running wheels who frecventeză a church pastored by one priest whose fear of God is something more than the fear of „superior” they are a minority, unfortunately.

Huzur luxury of „preafericiţii” has nothing in common with the teachings of the Savior. Shares Romanian Orthodox Church are much closer to those of the disciples of the Pharisees than Jesus.
If you still have dom ‘General Daniel mood to make dracu’n four to crown the work of Salvation Cathedral why he’s not the first to be sacrificed? Why not give up personal wealth in gold from head to hearty meals in luxury cars, something the Church land in order to carry out the plan?

The true Church is built in the souls of believers and not beasts and concrete, but such a church building can be taken out the light requirements. This Light lack „the blessed”. In the darkness of his faith Daniel wants to fill light bulbs in a cool building and monstrous.

The true path to salvation of is to follow the teachings of the Savior.
What would have been regarded Orthodox Church if every city would be built one hospital where poor soul gives in little or one lion ROC’s can benefit from free medical care, if instead of thousands of priests be trained thousands doctors? If otherwise it would have been regarded institution. It seems like you would have gladly donated part of your income.

Now Romanian Orthodox Church is like a snail bigoted and greedy. I hope you will succeed in stopping the shell that hides the fear of all evil runs. I hope that those priests who have pure soul to reuşască to reform the institution from within, with those we shepherd. I hope that the functions of this institution not to be acquired in relation to the degrees of the shoulders.

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