SEO Specialist

I like very much SEO specialists offering​ optimization services​.

Especially those who are fighting his chest that rises sites on the first page for a few bucks per month, but when we look for them using search engines … we cannot find them even in the first 100 positions in SERP  or we find them for some keywords that are not related with optimization, promotion or websites development.

When you are looking for a SEO specialist it is better to rely on those who are funded using search engines. A SEO specialist should not boast of a portfolio is difficult to verify an SEO specialist but he must succeed to plase  himself​ in a position as good as possible​ in SERP, before starting to give advice to others.

Search engine optimization is not necessarily teached in high schools, this is an area where experience its the only factor that matters, because this is an area in constant change, an area where you must to be aware of any changes and to manage to guess in  advance the changes that are to come.

I can not say I’m a specialist in SEO

… even though I have written about SEO, I know in some way to optimize a website, I learned a lot in this area from mistakes, however there are hundreds or even thousands of Romanian more skilled than me in this field.

If, however, you believe that my advice can be a help for you …

… you can contact me. I am always willing to work with those who appreciate the work of a man.

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